Sprint Planning

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. – Albert Einstein

In agile way of working a sprint gives the team a chance to set some achievable goals in a designated amount of time.

It is the first meeting to kick off the sprint, and starts with the product owner who describes the highest priority product backlog features to the development team. Following, the team works with the product owner to turn the product backlog features (epics or stories) into more detailed tasks of the sprint backlog.

The goal of the sprint planning is to review the stories for the iteration you are about to start. It is not necessary to have them all 100% completed. You will need to continue elaborating details as questions arise during the iteration.

During the sprint planning, the team should take into consideration the:

  • planned time
  • unplanned time
  • corporate over head


  • iteration manager
  • product owner
  • the development team

Scheduled time: 2-4 hours

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